Coach Bastardi,

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you what at wonderful experience my son Brett has had working with you in both private and group training at Elite QB. Prior to attending your program he thought he knew what to do in terms of fundamentals to become a successful Quarterback, now he knows what to do.

Your personal attention throughout this process has been extraordinary and I can see firsthand the results with Brett receiving several QB awards at recent combines and showcases. This certainly was not the case prior to attending your program.

Your knowledge of the advanced fundamentals, individual assessment and communication skills has taken my son’s game to a new level! Your genuine passion for improving each and every young QB is a rare quality in today’s culture.

As a High School Sophomore, the training you provided in his early career will prove invaluable to getting him on the right path and fulfilling his passion for the sport.



John J. Dawidowski

Robbinsville, New Jersey